Netflix Daredevil cancellation

Apologies for the late post, some family health issues but did give me some time to mull over the topic. Along with Iron Fist and Luke Cage being cancelled by Netflix we also found that Daredevil has also been cancelled from the streaming service. As it is Netflix the viewing figures aren’t available to measure but each show did follow up with a more critically successful season and did leave open ended for more so it was a surprise with this move, at least initially. Sadly too it is likely that for Jessica Jones and The Punisher their days are numbered too. Reports are that Daredevil will be returning in some form in the future so fingers crossed there.

Licensing the characters from Disney it does make you wonder if their own streaming service, Disney Plus is the reason behind this. I would imagine that Disney Plus is for their more child friendly content but it could be the case that a section will be for the more violent shows and films. A little less likely but the reason could also be Disney planning to make brand new content and reboot with the characters perhaps a cartoon or even bring Daredevil and others into the MCU films. If this is the route that is taken I am a little unsure how I feel about that since with the MCU and Disney, I don’t believe they would capture the dark nature of these characters like we saw on Netflix and so give a lesser quality representation.

The cancellations of these MCU shows on Netflix might be unrelated to plans Disney has for the characters. Netflix being an extremely popular streaming service does mean that Netflix can afford to take some risks with TV and film but given the costs involved in making and licensing these shows from Disney is a factor and given the overlap between shows with characters etc perhaps this wasn’t feasible anymore. Not knowing how financially successful the shows were it is tough to speculate but more expensive shows have been cancelled e.g. Marco Polo due to the costs involved.

Apologies for the shorter and late post but I am working on a review for Assassination Nation so check back in for that tomorrow or Monday.