Marvel Trailers Dropped

What a week to miss on posting, again apologies been away due to illness but hopefully no significant gaps anytime soon. So last week we got a new Captain Marvel and a teaser for the latest Avengers film and will discuss these in detail and my thoughts and feelings on the MCU in general.

Building a teaser earlier in the year, we now have a full Captain Marvel trailer which didn’t disappoint. The focus here of course is Carol Danvers herself and something causing her to literally crash land in USA 1995 and team up with a younger Nick Fury, a digitally de-aged Samuel L. Jackson who has both eyes here. The source of her powers differs from the comics where it is a deliberate transfusion to become part Kree as explained by the unknown character played by Annette Bening and not by Mar-Vel going by what is shown. The trailer also shows what he already assumed, that the old woman given a mean right hook is a Skrull so is a more widespread invasion, possibly why Captain Marvel is on Earth or possibly something closer to home but more on that later.

It was already confirmed that Ben Mendelson is playing Talos and is a central figure in the Skrull plans for Earth and can be seen only briefly in the human disguise briefly but also perhaps in his true form and I believe some voice over in the trailer. The lack of time seeing him is interesting, perhaps to keep under wraps of the trailer focus firmly on Captain Marvel’s self discovery. Talos’ alter ego is a high ranking member of SHIELD and Fury’s boss which also seems a relevant part not just the team up with Fury but we see what likely is a SHIELD building where Captain Marvel finds a file with a photo of her from her time in the air force. Confirmed to be appearing but we don’t see at all is Phil Coulson in the trailer which may his last MCU film appearance so fingers crossed he does appear.

With setting up the broad arc for the character the trailer also doesn’t shy away from the action, we see more of the fight with the old woman on the bus but also a visually striking scene where Captain Marvel powers up Dragon Ball style and later changing from the green Kree armour to armour in red, blue and gold she is known for. As part of an incredible looking space battle we see a helmet akin to Star Lord’s in Guardians of the Galaxy which results in the well known mohawk from recent comics. Travelling in a car with Fury, Captain Marvel still regards the Kree in high esteem which seems to change as the story progresses but is unclear if the Kree are in fact the reason for the crash landing and memory loss. Given we know the powers don’t come from an accident involving Mar-Vel is becomes likely that Jude Law is instead playing Yon-Rogg. There is also credence to this as he doesn’t seem to have a very good relationship with our hero. One other character likely to be who we think is the ginger tabby named Goose is probably Chewie the cat, an ally to Captain Marvel with a prominent moment in the trailer.

The curse of 2 plus minute trailers is being more excited for a film but also some aspects being spoiled which I do feel is the case here but definitely booking a cinema ticket come next March. The tone at the end does seem a little cheesy with the line about not fighting the war but ending it which I’m hoping is a blip in the writing over at Disney owned Marvel Studios.

As well as a full length Captain Marvel trailer we also got a teaser for the upcoming Avengers film. First of all we know the full title is Avengers: Endgame which isn’t a huge surprise but is telling of where the MCU is likely heading. It starts off with a lone Tony Stark running out of air and food and drink while leaving a message for Pepper Potts, presumably trying to get back to Earth from Titan where we last saw him. Later in the trailer we see Nebula also on a spaceship so likely the same one. As if speaking to the audience also, saying to his helmet not to worry and “part of the journey is the end”. We all knew Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark would end and was rumoured to be the case at Age of Ultron but I can only hope for a more fitting send off than travelling in space.

Back on Earth we see Captain America and Black Widow coping with the heavy losses suffered and mourning the dead which going by the display also includes Shuri among those lost in Wakanda. For a moment we see a glimpse of Thor who has been imprisoned or in a self imposed exile sans axe and in regular clothes. Bruce Banner and the Hulk are noticeably absent and with so few Avengers left must be something kept under wraps. Missing from Infinity War, Hawkeye returns as Ronin who is an alter ego from the comics and is seen noticing Black Widow after he was won a fight in street. Given this behaviour it is likely that his family were among the 50% to killed by Thanos.

Alot of rumours going around that similar to the comics that the half of the universe killed are in fact inside the soul stone and how this means it is possible to get them back. Given she doesn’t appear in the teaser either it is possible she is key to returning that half back to reality. However the teaser does make a big deal of Scott Lang/Ant Man appearing and when we last saw him he was trapped exploring the subatomic realm. Given he is back means he may be able to enter and exit the soul stone and evacuate everyone. Only time will tell but my money is on Ant Man being key to that.

Personally more bittersweet is the this is likely also going to be the end for Chris Evans’ final appearance for which he has done a terrific job and personally my favourite of the Avengers. The teaser sets up he and Black Widow attempting a hail mary to return the universe to as it was and so wondering if something may happen in this attempt. However we do know Red Skull is back and having done his role as a guide regarding the soul stone he may have made his way back to Earth. Red Skull returning being no accident of course and so imagine will be part of something more significant.

Like Captain Marvel, this is a film I will see regardless and so look forward to seeing it and think I will skip it’s full length trailer and can only spoil it from here on.

Again I apologise for not posting much last week but hopefully this makes up for it.