Stan Lee passed away

A tragic loss to comic book and movie fans around the world were saddened to learn that yesterday, November 12th 2018, we lost Marvel comics creator and writer at the age of 95. Making comics since 1941, Lee in collaboration with others, notably Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko created some of the most famous characters even day ranging from X-Men to Black Panther to Spiderman still giants in popular culture today. Lee still involved with Marvel and well known for his cameos in the movie and TV resurgence since the early 2000s and most recently the 2018 Spiderman video game.

Lee now known to have been struggling with pneumonia and was rushed to hospital yesterday morning and is where he sadly died. He is survived by his daughter Joan Celia Lee. On a personal note Stan Lee has been a huge influence on my life with the characters he created and brought to life and is part of what made me the man I am today and for that I am grateful beyond words and I know many other people are too.

Rest in peace Mr Lee. 28/12/1922 – 12/11/2018